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The object of the Union of Cities and Municipalities is to represent all the local authorities of the Walloon Region in their competence. It promotes their actions and their autonomy, and thus the local democracy principle established by the Belgian Constitution and the European Charter of Local Autonomy.

Its general assembly is composed of the 262 municipalities of Wallonia, all of which are members of the association. Its representativity is therefore unquestionable. It so defends efficiently local interests at all power levels: regional, community, federal and European, through tight contacts with the ministers and their advisers, the administrations and all the Members of Parliament.

All the members of the association can resort to the services of the Union of Cities and Municipalities of Wallonia in all matters that concern them: environment, welfare, finance, taxation, intermunicipal structures, international relationships, housing, status of the elected, public procurement, new technologies, police, security, etc.

A Study Department provides daily consultancy services but also drafts regulation and resolution models. It also ensures the secretariat of internal commissions composed of local civil servants and representatives.

Training sessions for local civil servants and councillors are also organised while numerous specialised publications as well as our website ( provide permanent information on all local management aspects.

Moreover, the library as well as the Inforum database is a source of legal and administrative information much appreciated by the Union members.

Through its missions, the association is federative, working for a humane future for Wallonia. Like a forum where democracy finds its way through the mixing up of ideas, it shows solidarity, it is always in motion, which reflects its role as a union.

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